September 7, 2021

Ambassador Ride: Angela’s “Fighting Food Insecurity in College Students” Ride

For my last ride of the season, we will be fighting food insecurity in college students. After having a summer internship at the University of Michigan School for Public Health, one of the key projects we had included college student food insecurity. Many college students do not even realize that they are food insecure. For my peers (especially those unfamiliar to the Oakland area- as I know many first years have arrived), I will be showing a route from the University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh Campus (starting station: Bigelow & Forbes) to various grocery stores in East Liberty (Trader Joe’s, Giant Eagle, Target), and coming back to university campus so they can remember a to and from route next time they bike individually.

Lia Sideris, a junior stated, “Everyone was very nice (especially Ricardo) and the route was super pretty! I wish I went to more this year! I’m literally bringing my bike to campus because of this event!”

Elise Romero, a sophomore stated, “Ang was extremely helpful and attentive to the group since we all had varying abilities and strengths on the bikes. They showed an easy to manage route for any level biker to access multiple grocery stores and enjoy time outside!”

Eirlys Barbara, a junior, stated, “This was my first tune riding with Healthy Ride, and also biking in a city! I didn’t know many other people besides Angela, but everyone was super friendly and encouraging. I feel much more confident using Healthy Ride now, especially with the strength in numbers we had on our trip. I went to Giant Eagle to get my groceries and took my bag in the secured basket which was super handy. The route we used was great and I’ll definitely use it again to get more groceries in the future!”

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