April 25, 2022

Important System Update: READ ME!

POGOH Under Construction

As you’ve seen, POGOH stations are popping up all around Pittsburgh. Our team is working around the clock to install and test our first-ever POGOH stations in Pittsburgh, and we need a few extra days to get everything right for the *soft* launch of POGOH. We’re providing you with an updated timeline that reflects our new schedule.

Healthy Ride will close before POGOH is able to launch. This will free up staff time to put towards launching POGOH as quickly as possible. If you need a bike during this transition, please reach out to us. And as always, if you have questions, please reach out to [email protected].


April 26 – Healthy Ride officially closes

April 29 – POGOH *soft* launch. POGOH stations currently installed will be available for rentals and returns

May 6 – Full 38 Station POGOH launch

New System, New App, New Website

I know you’re all eager to get ready for POGOH! On April 29, we’ll launch:

  • new website: POGOH.com
  • new app: PBSC App

All Healthy Ride customers will need to create a new account with POGOH. Your Healthy Ride account will be closed as of April 26

New Ways to Ride!

POGOH will feature a whole new pricing model to better reflect the way that Pittsburgh wants to ride, as well as make system sustainable for us to operate.

Annual Membership
Unlimited 30-minute rides for 365 days. $1 surcharge per e-assist bike rental.
$120 per year

Mobility Justice Membership
The Annual Membership designed for those who receive government assistance. No surcharge for e-assist bike rentals. Necessary paperwork collected at sign up. Available for persons who receive SNAP, LIHEAP, or Medicare/Medicaid benefits.
$10 per year

Flex Pass
5 hours (300 minutes) of ride time. This flexible pass is designed for recreational riders. Use your time all in one ride, or split it up between multiple rides.
$20 per 5 hours

Pay As You Go
Pedal Bikes:
$3.50 per 30-minutes

E-Assist Bikes:
$5 per 30-minutes

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