#BurghBikes are Coming!

…and we want YOU to show us your vision of Pittsburgh. Transform the Healthy Ride fleet into moving public art that beautifies our city, celebrates your community and bring life to our streets and public spaces. To apply, please submit your application to [email protected] by Friday, May 19.

RFP Open Call Summary:

Pittsburgh Bike Share, operator of Healthy Ride, is now accepting proposals for a fleet of “unicorn” bicycles to launch Summer 2017. The limited edition fleet of #BurghBikes aim to further localize and celebrate Pittsburgh’s only bike share system by featuring custom-designed bicycles by local artists. Deadline for submissions is May 19, 2017. Selected artists will receive their bicycle for installation the week of June 5. Each artist will have 3 weeks to submit a final proposal and digital file for printing (June 23) and the final artwork must be completed by July 7. Bicycles will premier at a special launch event on July 7 and will be deployed on July 8 for public use and enjoyment. The fleet of unicorn #BurghBikes bicycles will from then on be available for rent through the Healthy Ride bike share system. This RFP is open to professionals, students, teams, artists, architects, designers, and performers alike. Equal opportunity is available for all.


Below are links to examples of unicorn bicycles in other bike share systems:





Project Description:

#BurghBikes is an exciting new project facilitated by Pittsburgh Bike Share (501c3) in collaboration with local artists to bring 5 unique, custom-designed bicycles to the fleet of Healthy Ride’s 500+ bicycles. Worldwide, “unicorn bicycles” have been integrated into bike share systems to fill a variety of needs. By implementing “unicorn bicycles” Healthy Ride aims further localize the program by designing bicycles that are representative of the communities and individuals that bike share serves here in Pittsburgh.

Pittsburgh Bike Share’s mission is to provide access to public transit through easy-to-use, affordable active transportation opportunities. Bikes are distributed to 50+ stations covering over 12 unique Pittsburgh neighborhoods. As a public transportation resource, each Healthy Ride bicycle is utilized by a wide variety of residents, students and visitors in Pittsburgh and is visible to the community at large.


Description of Placement:

Unicorn bikes are moving, public art. They function within the rest of the other 500 Healthy Ride bicycles. Because of this, all artwork must be 2-D and cannot interfere with the functionality of the bicycle. All artwork must also be weather-proof and withstand rain, snow, dirt, and other road elements.


Submission Details:

Please email submissions to:

[email protected]


Deadline for Submissions:

May 19, 2017

Proposals will be reviewed by a panel including Pittsburgh Bike Share staff, board members and local artists.



Total Artist Fee: $1000*

*Payment will be divided into 2 installments:

$250 upon design proposal

$750 upon project completion

Materials: Donated


Required Qualifications & Criteria:  


Selected artists will be contacted by June 2, 2017. Once selected, artists and artist teams will be required to submit written descriptions, additional drawings, renderings and media files, and any additional deliverables that display the scope of designed work.


Criteria for Proposals:  


Application Requirements:

2-3 visuals or media files (jpgs, pdf, and online videos preferred) displaying past public art works, site specific or non-site specific installations with pertinent project information (description, materials, location, year completed, budget, client, etc.).

Statement of interest (150 words max.)

Resume or short bio

Project Proposal including 2-3 visuals and a written description that supports your design, or design intent of the piece. (Project statements should be 150 word max.)


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