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We our proud to support the General Bikeshare Feed Specification, a standardized data feed for bike share system availability. Our live feed is available here. Visit GitHub for more information on the GBFS standard.

Historical Trip Data Available to the Public

We’ve received many questions about how our system functions and where our most popular stations are located. Healthy Ride will release data sets quarterly in order to provide information on how our system is being used. We invite planners, developers, researchers and anyone interested in the details of our system to examine this data for the purpose of analysis, visualization, development, or general curiosity.

Working with the Data

The Rentals file includes data about all Healthy Ride trips. We define a trip as any rental longer than a minute that begins and ends at a valid Healthy Ride station. To protect the privacy of our customers, no personal information is shared in these anonymized data sets. Rental fields include:

Note: Beginning in Q2 2018, we are now reporting “dockless” trips where a bike does not start or end at an official station. For these trips, the start or end station name will be the bike number.

The Stations file is a snapshot of station locations and capacities during the reporting quarter since 2019. It can be easily imported into many mapping applications and includes:


Download the Data

2020 Q1

2020 Q2

2020 Q3

2020 Q4

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2019 Q2

2019 Q3

2019 Q4

2018 Q1 

2018 Q2

2018 Q3

2018 Q4

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