2018 Expansion

175 stations, 700 bikes

Healthy Ride in Your Neighborhood

Healthy Ride is committed to creating a convenient, reliable bike share network for everyone. In 2016 we reached out city-wide to gain feedback from our riders and community members to see where YOU wanted future Healthy Ride stations. We created an interactive map and hosted dozens of community meetings across the city to design the best bike share system for Pittsburgh.

This map is a reflection of that outreach. We took all of your feedback and created a more connected network of 175 stations and 700 bicycles.


How You Can Help

Please help us complete the 2018 expansion process by commenting on this map. To make a comment, click on a proposed station and enter your comment directly on the map. To make a more general comment or ask a question regarding the expansion, please fill out the embedded comment form.

Please comment early and often for a successful expansion in 2018!

Follow us for updates and announcements!

Public Outreach Process

  • STEP ONE: Public Outreach

    We engaged with 35 community groups and attended 85 events in 2016-2017.  We set up an online Suggest A Station page receiving over 5,600 responses. 

  • STEP TWO: Stations Identified

    125 new station locations were identified using community suggestions and technical criteria. We’ve posted these stations above and encourage your comments and questions.

  • STEP THREE: Public Meeting & Approval

    Healthy Ride will finalize proposals using neighborhood feedback collected at community meetings, events and the interactive map.

  • STEP FOUR: Installation

    Once approved by district Councilperson and Traffic Engineer we’ll begin installation of new stations.


What Makes a Good Station Location?

You may hear us refer to “station density” and “connectivity”. These terms relate to how close stations are to one another. Isolated stations do not perform well as Healthy Ride is designed for quick bike trips that take you from one station to the next in 30-minutes or less. Below are some of the primary considerations we make when deciding on an ideal location for a Healthy Ride station:


Isolated stations are not thriving stations. Stations should be no farther than 1/4 mile from another station to ensure a Healthy Ride station is always a short walk from where you are.


Stations that are hidden on side streets and away from pedestrian corridors do not see frequent usage. Healthy Ride must be visible and convenient for optimal ridership and station success.


Each station requires a minimum footprint of 22′ by 7′. While Healthy Ride stations can be found on some sidewalks, most Pittsburgh sidewalks do not accommodate stations. When this is the case, Healthy Ride considers on-road installation. By installing stations in the area between a crosswalk and the first public parking space, Healthy Ride can avoid removing public parking.

Access to Sunlight + Clear Sky

Most Healthy Ride stations rely on solar power to maintain internal batteries. Locations that do not receive much sunlight due to urban or natural canopies are not ideal spaces for a station. Furthermore, stations cannot be located underneath infrastructure like bridges, parking garages or buildings as they require a strong cellular network connection.

Open to the Public

While Healthy Ride stations can be installed on private property with owner approval, all of our stations must be publicly accessible for community use.

Clear of Utilities

Healthy Ride stations cannot obstruct public utility lines or equipment including fire hydrants or manhole covers. We also take care not to obstruct bus stops, accessible parking spots, or loading zones.


Outreach Calendar

Please join us for community meetings across Pittsburgh during the Winter and Spring of 2018. You’ll hear more about the station siting process, you’ll be able to connect with Healthy Ride representatives, and ultimately, give us your valuable feedback. We will continue to update this calendar with upcoming events throughout the city.

Neighborhood | Area Organization Date + Time Location
Lawrenceville 6th Ward Block Watch Monday, February 26, 7pm Saint Augustine
225 37th St
Bloomfield Bloomfield Livable Streets Tuesday, February 27, 7pm Jabo’s Smoke House & Saloon
4428 Liberty Ave
Lawrenceville Better Streets Lawrenceville Thursday, March 1, 6:30pm Healthy Ride
3328 Penn Ave
Northside Northside Bike/Ped Committee Tuesday, March 6, 6pm Penn Brewery
800 Vinial St
Shadyside Shadyside Action Coalition Thursday, March 8, 6:30pm Winchester Thurston School
555 Morewood Ave
Oakland Oakland Task Force Monday, March 12, 8:00am Scaife Hall
3550 Terrace St
Lawrenceville 10th Ward Block Watch Tuesday, March 13, 6:30pm Goodwill Southwest PA
118 52nd St
East Liberty East Liberty Development Inc. Wednesday, March 14, 7pm ELDI Offices
100 Sheridan Square
Highland Park Highland Park Community Council Thursday, March 15, 7pm St. Andrews Church
5801 Hampton St
Lawrenceville 9th Ward Block Watch Tuesday, March 20, 6:30pm Our Lady of the Angels Parish
333 45th St
South Side South Side Smart Streets Tuesday, March 20, 6pm Streets on Carson
1120 E Carson St
Oakland Oakland Planning & Development Corporation,
Transportation Town Hall Meeting
Thursday, April 5, 6pm Oakland Career Center
294 Semple St
Larimer Larimer Consensus Group Thursday, April 5, 6pm Kingsley Association
6435 Frankstown Ave
Squirrel Hill Squirrel Hill Urban Coalition Thursday, April 12, 6:30pm Jewish Community Center
5738 Forbes Ave
Hill District Hill District CDC Tuesday, April 17, 6pm Jeron X. Grayson Community Center
1852 Enoch St
Oakland Baum-Centre Initiative Tuesday, April 17, 6pm First United Methodist Church
5401 Centre Ave
Friendship Friendship Community Group Thursday, April 19, 6:30pm Fourth Presbyterian Church of Pittsburgh
5450 Friendship Ave
Bloomfield Garfield Bloomfield Garfield Corporation Tuesday, April 24, 6pm BGC Activity Center
113 N Pacific Ave
Hill District August Wilson Birthday Celebration Saturday, April 28, 11am-6pm August Wilson Park
1803 Cliff St
Uptown Uptown Partners Wednesday, May 2, 6:30pm Life’s Work
1323 Forbes Ave
Larimer Refugee and Immigrant Health and Wellness Fair Saturday, May 12, 11am-2pm Kingsley Association
6435 Frankstown Ave
Homewood Operation Better Block Meeting Thursday, May 24 6pm Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh
7101 Hamilton Ave
Hill District Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh Friday, May 25, 10:30am-1:30pm Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh
Hill District
2177 Centre Ave
Oakland Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh Friday, June 22, 10:30am-1:30pm Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh
4400 Forbes Ave
Larimer Larimer Consensus Group Thursday, July 5, 6pm Kingsley Association
6435 Frankstown Ave




Q: How big are the stations?

A: After the expansion, the average Healthy Ride station will have 8 docks. If a station is full, riders can still lock the bike to itself and return the bike as usual.

Q: How much public parking will be eliminated in this expansion?

A: Healthy Ride will install smaller stations in 2018 that will limit the need to remove public parking.

Q: Why isn’t my neighborhood included in the expansion?

A: Healthy Ride will be expanding to reach new neighborhoods including Larimer, Homewood, Squirrel Hill, Highland Park and Station Square. The rest of the 2018 expansion is dedicated to filling in gaps within the current network to build a more convenient and reliable system. As we expand in future years, we will continue to reach new neighborhoods currently underserved by bike share.

Q: When will Healthy Ride expand to my neighborhood?

A: Healthy Ride has intentions to expand its system annually. Just because your neighborhood is not on the expansion in 2018 does not eliminate it from future expansion.

Q: How are the stations being paid for?

A: Healthy Ride is able to expand using funding from a state DCED multimodal transportation grant, partnerships with local partners and Pittsburgh’s strong foundation community to support the expansion.

Q: When will stations be installed?

A: Stations will be installed throughout 2018. Stay connected via our newsletter and social media channels to get the most current announcements on the expansion.

Q: Can stations be moved?

A: Yes. Healthy Ride has moved stations for construction projects and has the ability to move stations if a station becomes an issue or is experiencing low ridership. However, Healthy Ride hopes that through encouraging public feedback before stations are installed, that the need to move stations can be avoided.

For answers to more general questions, please visit our FAQ page.





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