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Healthy Ride is Pittsburgh’s bike share system. Bike-sharing is meant for quick trips around the city of Pittsburgh. Customers can pick up a bicycle at one of the 50 stations throughout the city, return the bike at one of the other stations, and move about their day.
There is a station map on the touchscreen at each of the kiosks. Or you can see our station map HERE.
You can register in three ways. You must be registered before you can rent a bicycle. 1. nextbike app 2. Website 3. Call Customer Service: 412-535-5189 4. Any station kiosk Enter in your personal information, then a method of payment. You will be charged $1 to activate your payment method. This $1 will be applied to your first ride. You must enter in a method of payment to rent a bike.
No. You can use a landline to register. You can then use the bicycle keypad to enter your phone and PIN.

Rules and Safety

While Healthy Ride does not offer helmets, all riders are STRONGLY encouraged to wear their own helmets. If you're in the market for a helmet, check out one of our local bike shops! Remember that you should replace your helmet after any major impact or every 5 years.

Standard Winter Weather Procedure

Winter weather conditions may affect the functionality of the Healthy Ride system. While we can anticipate and respond to winter weather as conditions arise, we want our riders to be safe and prepared for all of the different winter scenarios. Visit our Winter Weather Advisory page for details. Remember, you can report unsafe routes to Pittsburgh’s 311 Response Center. If you do choose to ride during inclimate weather, please ride safe. Visit our Winter Weather Riding Tips for details.

Extreme Winter Weather

Safety is a top priority to Healthy Ride. If weather conditions threaten the safety of our riders, we will temporarily suspend service for all customers. Bikes already in use at the time of closure can be returned to any Healthy Ride station. In the event that Pittsburgh receives a storm of any kind that may interfere with the safety of our riders and will result in a full system closure, we will notify all of our registered users via our newsletter and to the main page of our website. If you want to ensure you are subscribed to our newsletter, simply check your account settings by logging into your account via the app “nextbike” or To receive real-time closures and openings, follow us via Facebook and Twitter.
Riders must be 16+ years and must be 18+ years to register for the system.
In Pennsylvania, bicycles are treated just as any other vehicle. Follow all traffic signals and signs. Yield to pedestrians. Do not ride on sidewalks. We strongly encourage all of our riders to bring and wear a helmet. NEVER ride against traffic For more information and an illustrated guide to riding in the city, please visit: To take a class to become a more confident rider, join one of BikePGH's Confident City Cycling Classes and your Healthy Ride rental will be free!
If you are in an accident and someone is injured or there is any type of property damage to the bicycle or other vehicles, call the police. Once you have a police report, you will need the officer’s name, the names of all persons involved, and a copy of the report. Please call our office to follow up, (412) 621-0464.
No. We strongly discourage riders from riding on the sidewalk, and in many cases it is illegal to ride on the sidewalk. If you need to use the sidewalk, please dismount and walk your bicycle. Please ride on the street, obey all traffic signs, and yield to pedestrians.

For more information on cycling safely and legally in the City of Pittsburgh, please see

Bike Rentals and Returns

You can rent a bike in three ways:
    1. nextbike app
    • Type the bike number into the app and press 'Rent bike.'
    • Enter the code provided by the app into the bike's keypad and then press the green button.
    • Remove the cable lock from the wheel and place it in the holster behind the basket.
    2. Bicycle keypad
    • Enter your phone number on the bike's keypad and then press the green button.
    • Enter your PIN on the bike's keypad and then press the green button.
    • Wait for the bike to unlock, and remove the cable lock from the wheel and place it in the holster
    3. Call Customer Service - 412-535-5189
    • Follow the voice prompts to rent a bike.
    • Enter the code provided by the system into the bike's keypad and then press the green button.
    • Remove the cable lock from the wheel and place it in the holster behind the basket.
    • If you need additional assistance, press 5 to speak with a Customer Service Representative.
Return your bike at any official station
  • Insert bike into any available rack
  • Insert cable lock through front wheel
  • Press the green button on the keypad to return
Station Full? No Problem. 
  • Park the bike near station kiosk using the kickstand
  • Insert cable lock through front wheel
  • Press the green button on the keypad to return
Once registered, you may rent up to 4 bicycles at one time. Each bike is the same rate, $2 per 30 minutes. If you are a monthly member, you will be charged $2 per 30 minutes for each additional bicycle you rent.
OK, here’s the thing: there are two different numbers you need to know:
    1. PIN number: The PIN number is like your password. It's a 6-digit number that was emailed and sent via text message when you registered. Keep your PIN safe and do not share it with anyone. If you use the bicycle keypad to rent, you will use your phone # and PIN number. You'll also need this number to log-in to your account in the app or online. 2. Unlock Code: A 4-digit unlock code is sent via text message for every rental. If you use the nextbike app, the unlock code will appear once you rent the bike. You can use this number to unlock the cable lock.
Station Full? No Problem. 
  • Park the bike near station kiosk using the kickstand
  • Insert cable lock through front wheel
  • Press the green button on the keypad to return
If you have questions or issues with your return, please call Customer Service at 412-535-5189.
If you are making a brief, temporary stop and want to lock up your bicycle during your trip, simply remove the cable lock from it's holster behind the basket and insert the cable lock through the front fork until it locks in on the other side. When you return to the bicycle, either enter in your 6-digit customer pin code or the bicycle unlock code located in the app or your rental text message. Hit OK. The lock will release and you can remove it from the front fork and return it to it's holster. Ride on! **Please stay within the system limits when using this feature. If you are too far outside system limits, the bicycle may not have enough cellular service to unlock.** **This feature is not considered a return. You will still be on your time while the bicycle is temporarily locked. You must return the bicycle to an official Healthy Ride station.**
Yes! You can temporarily park your bike outside of a station. Simply insert the cable lock through the front fork and make sure it firmly locks in the other side. When you return to your bike, either enter your 6-digit pin on the bike keypad or enter the 4-digit unlock code located in the nextbike app or text message for your current rental.  Hit OK. The cable lock will release. Return the lock to it's correct position in the holster attached to the basket. Note: Temporarily parking your bike will NOT stop the time on your rental. You will continue to accrue rental time whenever a bike is not parked at an official Healthy Ride station.
No. Only rent bicycles when you are physically at the station. Although the mobile app will allow you to rent a bicycle from an offsite location, do not do this. The bicycle could be retrieved by another individual.
The cable lock is inserted through the front wheel. Reach down and pull the lock out of the wheel and place the lock in the holster on the right hand side of the front basket. You are ready to ride!

Costs, Memberships and Fees

Pay-As-You-Go Riders: Rides are always just $2 per 30 minutes, plus tax. So for example, if you take out a bike for 90 minutes, you’ll be charged $6.

Standard Monthly Members (unlimited 30-minute rides): If you go over 30 minutes in a single ride, you will be charged $2 per 30 minutes. So for example, if you take a 60 minute ride, you’ll be charged $2, plus sales tax.

Deluxe Monthly Members (unlimited 60-minute rides): If you go over 60 minutes in a single ride, you will be charged $2/additional 30 minutes. So for example, if you take a 90 minute ride, you’ll be charged $2.

1. If you haven't already, you need to Register. Enter basic personal info AND a method of payment. Select “Pay As You Go”. Your credit/debit card will be charged a $1 deposit, which, should you ever go over your free time, will be deposited to your ride time. *You can register here, or on the mobile app “nextbike” 2. Log-in to your account. 3. Select “Voucher” or “Redeem Voucher” depending on app versus website. 4. Enter Voucher Code and hit “Redeem Voucher”. Should you go over your ride time, you’ll be charged the Pay-As-You-Go rate, which is $2 per half hour. If you have any questions, call customer service at (412) 535-5189.
If you cancel a standard or deluxe monthly subscription before 3 months, you will be charged a $5 administrative fee. If you upgrade from a standard monthly membership to a deluxe monthly membership, there is no charge. If you downgrade from a deluxe monthly membership to a standard monthly membership, there is a $5 administrative fee.
Yes. While we are working to create a cash payment option, for now you must have a credit or debit card.
No. We will not place a hold on your credit or debit card.
Healthy Ride offers discounted Annual Memberships every year during January and February. Monthly Memberships are ongoing until you cancel them.
We do! You can visit our Group Membership page or contact Erin Potts at 412-621-0464 or [email protected] for information on group memberships.

Mobile Apps

The app is called nextbike. There is one app for all nextbike systems worldwide. Download it from Google Play or iTunes. There is no Blackberry version.
Check to make sure that you have enabled GPS in the nextbike app.
Check to make sure that you have allowed the nextbike app to access your photos/camera.


Visit any Healthy Ride station to link your ConnectCard with Healthy Ride. Tap your card on the sensor below the touchscreen and follow the prompts. Now your ConnectCard can be used to unlock Healthy Ride bikes. Once your ConnectCard is linked, you MUST call Customer Service to activate your FREE 15-min rides.  412-535-5189.  
Student IDs are not accepted. We hope to work with local universities to extend this benefit in the future, but for the time being, only ConnectCards are valid for the free 15-minute rides
To receive unlimited free 15 minute bike rides, call Healthy Ride customer service at 412-535-5189. The customer service agent will activate your free ride benefits.
Tap your ConnectCard on the sensor located on the back of any Healthy Ride bicycle. The bicycle will unlock within a matter of seconds. Pull out the lock from the front wheel and store it in the lock holster on the right side of the basket before you ride.
A lot! According the National Association of City Transportation Officials, the average bikeshare member's trip lasts only 12 minutes. Take Healthy Ride from your home to transit, from your office to lunch, or from school to your social life. With 50 stations across Pittsburgh, the possibilities are endless. Visit our station map to explore.
Yes, you can rent a bike for as long as you would like. After 15 minutes, your Healthy Ride account is charged $2 per half hour. If you have not linked a payment method with your Healthy Ride account and your rental time exceeds 15 minutes, you must link a credit or debit card to continue renting. To avoid being charged, return your bike to any Healthy Ride station within 15 minutes.
No, at the moment it is not possible to use the stored cash value on a ConnectCard to rent Healthy Ride bikes. We hope to be able to launch this feature in the future.
Yes, you must be able to receive text messages on your cell phone to link your ConnectCard with Healthy Ride. A smart phone is not required.
No, riders using the ConnectCard do not need to link a method of payment to their account unless they exceed their 15-minute ride time.  
If you have a Standard, Deluxe, or Corporate Healthy Ride membership and you link your ConnectCard with your Healthy Ride account, you will receive an additional 15 minutes of free ride time on every trip in addition to your existing member benefits.
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