Sign up through this website, via mobile app, at station kiosk, or by calling customer service.

Once registered, you can rent bikes in all nextbike cities and countries.

Mobile Apps

iPhone app
Android app


Once you’ve registered, renting a bicycle is easy. Use the kiosk, the mobile app, our customer service number, or your member card.

First, enter the bike number.

At docking stations: the dock will release the bike automatically.

That’s it! Enjoy your ride.


Ride your bike anywhere you’d like.

During your bike rental, you may temporarily lock the bike outside of official stations using the cable lock, such as for brief mid-trip stops.

Until your bike is returned to an official station, time will continue to count against your time limit, and your account will be charged for any overtime fees.


Return the bike at any official Healthy Ride location.

At docking stations: insert the bike into a free dock and make sure the bike is locked. A signal confirms a successful return.

If the station is completely full: No free locking docks? No problem! Just lock the bike to itself with the cable lock and then confirm your return using the mobile app, the customer service number, or your member card.

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