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Winter Station Hibernation

COVID-19 Update: May 15, 2020

Due to the ongoing health crisis and it’s impact on our operations, Healthy Ride has no immediate plans to re-install the 13 stations we took into winter hibernation. We recognize that this may impact our riders and hope that other nearby stations will continue to provide a substitution for these stations. Please stay tuned for further announcements regarding these stations.

Beginning on December 1, 2019 Healthy Ride will temporarily remove 13 stations from the Healthy Ride network for the remainder of the winter season.

Don’t worry! All of the stations will return in the Spring of 2020. These 13 stations were selected to hibernate for the winter based on winter usage rates from previous years, and the availability of an alternative station nearby. By removing these quiet wintertime stations, Healthy Ride’s operations team can focus more consistently on the 100 stations that will remain in operation for the duration of the winter.

Riders may continue to rent and return from all stations until they are removed for the season. After removal, riders must use an active Healthy Ride station for all rentals and returns until the stations are reinstalled in the Spring of 2020. Once removed, the 13 hibernating stations will not appear on the nextbike mobile app or the interactive map on this website. Only active stations will be visible on all digital maps.

Please use the above map to identify the 13 stations scheduled for hibernation, and a list of the station locations can also be found here:

  • Liberty Ave & Fisk St (Bloomfield)
  • First Ave & Stanwix St (Downtown)
  • Liberty Ave & Seventh St (Downtown)
  • Washington Pl & Centre Ave (Downtown)
  • Euclid Ave & Centre Ave (East Liberty)
  • Penn Ave & Negley Ave (East Liberty)
  • Penn Ave at the Village at Eastside (East Liberty)
  • Friendship Ave & S Pacific Ave (Friendship)
  • Frankstown Blvd & Eastview St (Homewood)
  • Hamilton Ave & Lang Ave (Homewood)
  • Ruskin Ave & Bigelow Blvd (Oakland)
  • S Bellefield Ave & Filmore St (Oakland)
  • Forbes Ave & Jumonville St (Uptown) 

View current active stations here.


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Standard Winter Weather Advisory

Winter weather conditions may affect the functionality of the Healthy Ride system. While we can anticipate and respond to winter weather as conditions arise, we want our riders to be safe and prepared for all of the different winter weather scenarios. Here are our recommendations for different winter weather conditions:

Consistent temperatures below 30 degrees:

When temperatures are consistently hovering below 30 degrees, Healthy Ride encounters challenges with battery life on bicycles. Freezing temperatures have an adverse effect on battery life.

<1” of Snow:

Ride with caution. Consider alternate transportation if you’re not confident riding in snow or potentially icy conditions. 

1”-4” of Snow:

We suggest using alternative transportation until the roads have been cleared, that our team has been able to clear stations of snow, and that the roads are ready for riding.

5” of Snow:

During these storms we strongly suggest using an alternative form of transportation. In the event of a snowstorm that Pittsburgh anticipates receiving over 5” of snow, the Healthy Ride team will require ample time to clear stations of snow and ensure bicycles are available for rent.  While our team will diligently clear snow from stations, this process may take several days. In addition, this gives the City of Pittsburgh time to clear safe bicycle routes. Extreme winter storms may require a complete shutdown of the Healthy Ride system.  

Remember, you can report unsafe routes to Pittsburgh’s 311 Response Center. For more information, click here

Extreme Winter Weather Advisory

Safety is a top priority to Healthy Ride. If weather conditions threaten the safety of our riders, we will temporarily suspend service for all customers. Bikes already in use at the time of closure can be returned to any Healthy Ride station.

In the event that Pittsburgh receives a storm of any kind that may interfere with the safety of our riders and will result in a full system closure, we will notify all of our registered users via our newsletter, Twitter, Facebook, and to the homepage of our website. If you want to ensure you are subscribed to our newsletter, simply check your account settings by logging into your account via the app “nextbike” or




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