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100 stations. 550 bikes.

Thank you for your interest in Healthy Ride. Healthy Ride is Pittsburgh’s bike share system that provides public access to 550 bikes at 100 stations, designed to offer a one-way transportation option, similar to other public transit systems.

This kit will provide you with some core statistics of Healthy Ride’s operations, links to public ridership data, and hi-res, print-ready images.




MEMBERSHIP & RIDERSHIP: Through December 31, 2019




Healthy Ride’s solar-powered stations consist of an average of 10 docks, plus a kiosk or station sign. Kiosks can be used for registration, finding nearby stations, seeing real-time bike availability, and linking a ConnectCard. Healthy Ride users with smart phones are encouraged to download the mobile app nextbike to register, rent, update account information, located stations, and see real-time bike availability. 

Many Healthy Ride stations are conveniently located near Port Authority bus and T stations making it a convenient commuter connection. Healthy Ride employs 1 rebalancing van that can accommodate 12 bikes, and is used to redistribute bicycles between 9am and 5pm, 7 days a week though scheduling can change based on peak ridership times and seasons. Bicycles are redistributed in response to real-time data.

Healthy Ride operates 24/7, 365 days a year. In order to accommodate a smaller ridership during the winter months, Healthy Ride removes and stores some of the bicycles from November through March. All 550 bikes remain in circulation throughout the remainder of the year.



View all active stations on the Healthy Ride station map.

Click HERE to download a spreadsheet of all stations (as of Q3 2019), including latitude and longitude coordinates.

Station information is also available on the nextbike mobile app.


  1. Liberty Ave & Stanwix St
  2. S 27th St & Sidney St. (Southside Works)
  3. North Shore Trail & Fort Duquesne Bridge
  4. Forbes Ave & Market Square
  5. 21st St & Penn Ave


  1. 10th and Penn to 21st and Penn
  2. Boulevard of the Allies and Parkview to 5th and Bouquet
  3. 21st and Penn to 10th and Penn
  4. 5th and Bouquet to Boulevard of the Allies and Parkview
  5. Boulevard of the Allies and Parkview to Zulema and Coltart
  6. 21st and Penn to Liberty and Stanwix
  7. 17th and Penn to 10th and Penn
  8. 21st and Penn to Market Square
  9. Zulema and Coltart to Boulevard of the Allies and Parkview
  10. Market Square to 21st and Penn


Healthy Ride releases ridership data on a quarterly basis. That data is publicly accessible on Healthy Ride’s Data page.





Click here to download .png files of Healthy Ride’s logos.

Click here to access high-res print ready images for publication. Unless otherwise noted, please credit Pittsburgh Bike Share.


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