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Healthy Ride offers a variety of ways to incorporate your brand into Pittsburgh’s bike share system. Organizations who invest in Healthy Ride benefit not only from the system’s substantial visibility, but also from aligning themselves with healthy and sustainable living in Pittsburgh.

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Presenting Sponsor

We have a unique opportunity for the right partner to have a presence in our full system.
A + B. Branding on 175 Stations
C + D. Branding on 200 Bikes
+ Digital Branding package
+ 1 Free Ride Day per Year
+ Free Membership for First 200 Employees

Contact Us for Pricing 

City Station Sponsor

A. Branding on 1 station (1 year)
B. Station name of your choice
+ Free Membership for First 50 Employees
+ 70 Locations to choose from

$9K/ year


Neighborhood Station Sponsor

A. Branding on 1 station (1 year)
B. Station name of your choice
+ Free Membership for First 50 Employees
+ 105 Locations to choose from

$7K/ year


Burgh Bike Sponsor

A. Branding on 1 “Unicorn” Bike
+ Perfect for outdoor themed events or campaigns
+ Unicorn bikes are ridden 2x more than others
+ Great for photo-ops + selfies

 $500/ month

Corporate Membership

+ Unlimited 60-minute rides for 1 year
+ Pay per employee
+ 1 Free Lunch Loop included
+ On-site registration event included

$50/employee per year

Lunch Loop Rides

+ Guided 60 minute bike ride
+ Employee Engagement Focused
+ Emphasizes Bike Safety Education
+ Healthy Ride bikes provided



Get started. Email: [email protected]


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